We are Able

Denver, Colorado

Able Space Corporation is an engineering consulting company focused on solving problems in mechanical and aerospace engineering. With an emphasis on rapid turnaround of projects, Able is able to design and optimize solutions to client problems and then manufacture prototypes in-house. Able Space is a small business incorporated in Colorado.

Able Space Corporation is led by Ben Brockert. Mr. Brockert has unique experience in the suborbital spaceflight industry, having worked on over a dozen rocket vehicles at two companies. Contributions included project management, mechanism design, coordination with local and federal authorities, rocket engine development, launch infrastructure, propellant handling, and running rocket test operations. This culminated in $1.15M won in the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge, the first in-flight engine restart of a vertical takeoff-vertical landing vehicle, and launches up to 95km.